Game Watch: Yes, My Grace

“Yes, My Grace is a single-player text-based experience with strategy elements. Take the role of a king in an imaginary land with a low fantasy theme, where various events can affect you and your kingdom. You will soon realize that ruling your lands is not an easy task. Be greedy and end your life sooner than expected, or try to make some friends to enable your survival.

In Yes, My Grace you don’t look for quests; quests come to you. Sit in the throne room and speak to the commoners to deal with their problems. Organise tournaments and feasts to entertain the crowds and to gather nobles from around the country to get valuable information. Plan marriages to expand your borders. Make alliances and declare wars.

Dialogues are short and snappy, driven by descriptive words. The player is allowed to get the feel of characters and glean the most important gameplay information without being confronted by walls of text.

The story unfolds differently depending on the player’s actions. The outcomes of your decisions are not always easy to predict. There is no simple distinction between good and evil. There are only consequences.

In Yes, My Grace you can control your armies and tell them where to go, explore the world on your map, and collect resources to build new structures and feed your people. These strategic elements help to emphasise the importance of the player’s role as king.

The story and game mechanics are much more important than the graphics, although the graphics still contribute towards an often humorous, but dark and sometimes even brutal atmosphere. The straightforward gameplay will provide an intuitive and fun experience, but the action, dialogue and overall story will have deeper meaning.”


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