Moments of Paranoia (2013)

Taken from the Ludum Dare 28 Game Jam, Moments of Paranoia seeks to give you only one chance to perform an action (the exception here is in dialogue). What we have here is an intense, brief experience, putting us right in the middle of the moment. Brought to us by Double Zero One Zero.


FOC/US (2013)

  It would be unfair to say that FOC/US is a game about taking pictures. Rather, I feel it appropriate to say that FOC/US is a game that asks all sort of existential questions. Its dialogue is witty, and its characters are sharp. And perhaps most importantly of all, FOC/US asks the player behind the camera to examine… Continue reading FOC/US (2013)

The Very Organized Thief (2013)

My initial play-through of The Very Organized Thief was met with both a sense of curiosity and with fear. The moment I began my journey as a thief, scouring the house of some unknown victim, I was overcome with a real and present anxiety. This anxiety was the result of feeling pressure to secure the items… Continue reading The Very Organized Thief (2013)

7 Light-Years (2014)

7 Light Years 7 Light-Years is a real departure from the majority of Nicklas Nygren's (Nifflas) games that I have played. The concept is that you are moving through light-years - beautifully rendered graphics and atmospheric electronic music accompany the experience - and you must avoid the obstructions in your path. It is extremely difficult.… Continue reading 7 Light-Years (2014)