The Very Organized Thief (2013)

My initial play-through of The Very Organized Thief was met with both a sense of curiosity and with fear. The moment I began my journey as a thief, scouring the house of some unknown victim, I was overcome with a real and present anxiety. This anxiety was the result of feeling pressure to secure the items I had made a list of, and to do so without being caught.

As I began my thieving, I had many questions: Whose house is this? Why am I robbing them? Why do I have a list of items to procure? Is anyone home? All of these questions swirled through my head at a hundred miles per hour, an indecent speed to properly and sufficiently meet the conviction of each respective question.

The mechanics of The Very Organized Thief were delightful; the gameplay, exciting and unique. The atmosphere crafted by the developers was also extremely well-done. My only complaint would be with regards to the A.I. I found its interaction to be deterministic, and one-dimensional. Even with repeated plays, the character of the returning house owner struck me as irrational, illogical, and unsophisticated. Brought to us by Redefinition Games.