Save the Date (2013)

Have you ever had a date that concludes in disaster? You know, the sort that ends with death by fatal wounds, fantastical creatures engulfing an entire restaurant, or meteorological calamities. If you haven't, well then you're in for a treat. Save the Date is a spurious, humorous, wild, calamitous title. I have not laughed out loud at a game in a… Continue reading Save the Date (2013)


Little Party (2015)

Well, this was quite a surprise. I began playing through Little Party in a less than committed fashion, as I was not particularly interested in what I saw. I thought the choice of pastel colors was interesting, but I didn't think much of everything else. Of course, that was until I realized the character of the mother was a vehicle for… Continue reading Little Party (2015)

3 Games By Connor Sherlock

In this post I would like to turn my attention to a game developer named Connor Sherlock, who has made three games that I'd like to write about. Each game struck me differently. Sanctuary (2014) Created in 2-3 days for the #IndiE3Jam, Sanctuary is difficult to play. The mood is heightened by some interesting music, and I… Continue reading 3 Games By Connor Sherlock

Patient # (2013)

Created during the Vancouver's Full Indie 48-hour game jam, Patient # is a brief dialogue-driven game taking a novel approach to how choices are made. Dialogue options are presented visually, floating through the room and around the subject, apparently reacting to the course of the conversation. Furthermore, the responses made available depend on the emotional state of the patient with which… Continue reading Patient # (2013)

Glitchhikers (2014)

Glitchhikers plays out like a Lynchian dream. The gameplay is secondary to the experience. There is no sense of urgency - everything moves along at a languid pace determined only by your conversations - even though the topics traversed by you and your passengers are of universal and mortal importance. I believe this juxtaposition serves as the pinnacle… Continue reading Glitchhikers (2014)

Serena (2014)

I am stunned. I am stunned and confused by what I've just witnessed. Let me begin by introducing the premise of the game. After that, I'll focus in on the mechanics. Lastly, we'll look at the game critically, analyzing what I hold to be the most interesting and difficult part of it all: the conclusion, wherein I will… Continue reading Serena (2014)

Balloon Diaspora (2011)

The fact that Balloon Diaspora came from the minds of Cardboard Computer: for this reason, credibility was immediately given. They gave the world Kentucky Route Zero (which is, put plainly, enough), and this title feels like its neighbor, if not its cousin. Playing through this felt a little like a dream. The characters felt real (many as if I… Continue reading Balloon Diaspora (2011)