Balloon Diaspora (2011)


The fact that Balloon Diaspora came from the minds of Cardboard Computer: for this reason, credibility was immediately given. They gave the world Kentucky Route Zero (which is, put plainly, enough), and this title feels like its neighbor, if not its cousin.

Playing through this felt a little like a dream. The characters felt real (many as if I knew them), though there was something about each of them that seemed distant, removed; alien. I rather did like the way each of them looked, with those white, simple bodies, and unadorned countenances (with one exception, if I recall). This unadorned aesthetic ran concurrent throughout the game. The whole thing struck me as pure, bare, and unfettered.

I especially enjoyed the converse of this aesthetic, found in the colors of the balloons, and in the scarves, sashes, capes, and bows worn by the characters. The whole thing was like a dream.

And the gameplay was fun. It was simple, but fun.