Farewell for now

I had not expected WALK, LOOK, TALK, ASK, PICKUP, GABRIEL to be anything but my own personal video game journal, though some interest was shown by outside readers. Nonetheless, some aspects of its essence seemed to appeal to others, and because of this, I am thankful. I wish I could play and write about video games much… Continue reading Farewell for now


Game Watch: Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

https://youtu.be/fpapxyXs3lU Unravel the conspiracies enshrouding the turmoil-ridden city of Ombre in Masquerada, a tactical action RPG set in a lush 2.5D Venetian fantasy world of masks and magic. Players will follow the trails of the Inspettore, Cicero Gavar, who returns from exile to solve a kidnapping that threatens to bring Ombre’s chaos to a boiling… Continue reading Game Watch: Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

Game Watch: Serpent in the Staglands

https://youtu.be/85SEpTOu1Eo A 90s CRPG in every way but the release date, Serpent in the Staglands is a campaign within the world of Vol, a fully realized setting inspired by the late bronze age in a Transylvanian landscape, with unique politics, races and gods steeped in history. Featuring a chosen party of five, you take the… Continue reading Game Watch: Serpent in the Staglands

Game Watch: Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders

https://youtu.be/sqErP0MlPIc Amid lingering political turmoil, the first and only female empress of China, Wu Zetian rises to power. Within months of her ascension to the throne, murmurs of discontentment and revolution swell as detractors and enemies begin plotting against her. It is against this backdrop that our protagonist, newly appointed investigating magistrate Di Renjie, must… Continue reading Game Watch: Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders

Game Watch: Therefore

https://youtu.be/bpUF2KPKwSU The Wanderer wakes up in the First Realm, he finds it fading away, being torn apart and consumed by The Degradation. Inside his head the voices are whining: “Save The First Realm” But The Wanderer has lost his memories and his voice. The only thing he can do is wander, exploring the First Realm… Continue reading Game Watch: Therefore

Game Watch: Paradise Never

https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=82&v=ZAynnQCRF4Y Paradise Never is an action RPG set on an island colony of France, during the Revolution of 2027. You started the revolution with hopeful intent, but it failed. Everything you cherished, gone so quickly. And then came the real start to your story: for reasons inscrutiable, a goddess was watching, and she has intervened. She is… Continue reading Game Watch: Paradise Never