Game Watch: Sunless Sea

“Sunless Sea is an exploration and trading game for PC set in the rich, story-fueled universe of Fallen London. Take the helm of your customised steamship and set sail for the uncharted reaches of the Neath, where the map changes every time you play, and every officer in your crew has their own story. Our influences include include: FTL; Strange Adventures in Infinite Space; Taipan; Sid Meier’s Pirates; Don’t Starve; Elite; roguelikes; the Crimson Permanent Assurance; immrama.

It’s a game of survival and loneliness, where that light off your starboard bow might be a friendly port or the glowing teeth of a Lovecraftian monstrosity. Light and darkness are your greatest allies, but a stout set of cannon and a gunnery officer with a grudge will come in useful too.”

Official site


Release TBA


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