Game Watch: Through the Woods

“THROUGH THE WOODS is a third person horror-adventure game that tells a close and personal tale. It takes place on a mysterious island, hidden by fog. Inspired by Norwegian nature and art history, borrowing freely from Norse mythology retold in an unfamiliar setting, we’re aiming to do a different take on the known and lesser known creatures that will appear in the final game.

The idea for THROUGH THE WOODS came in late 2011, and Antagonist started on the production September 2013. Our aim is to make people afraid of the forest again; we want you to do that double take as you pass that thicket in the woods after having played our game.

With this game we seek to capture the forest as you saw it as a child, with every dark and mystic feature it can convey. And to not feel the need to explain everything that happens with logical reasons. Can you really feel certain about who or what lives deep inside the forest?

Be afraid of what happens when you’re walking THROUGH THE WOODS, but prepare to be petrified of what’s on the other side.”


Official site


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